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Over 50 years of solving the legal, tax and accounting
challenges faced by individuals and businesses around the world.

Legal Solutions for Businesses
We provide counsel and prepare the contracts you need to protect yourself, comply with the law, and create the best structure for your business to minimize taxes and prevent lawsuits.
Accounting Solutions for Businesses
Tailored accounting from full service handling of all accounts to review and guidance on your existing accounting systems.

Personal Wealth Protection
We structure your financial life to protect what you own from the risk of lawsuits and preserve your wealth through estate plans, wills and trusts.
Domestic & International Investment Counseling
We provide guidance on optimum tax and business structures to maximize investment returns.
Tax Preparation & Strategy
Optimized tax preparation and guidance aimed at taking full advantage of available deductions on local, state, federal and international levels.
Accessible Support
Reach an attorney and CPA from anywhere in the world by phone, email, or skype.

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